I’m Bernadette Sabatini, thanks for checking out my website.

 The best way to describe myself as an artist is ‘evolving’.

I’m inspired by everything I see and experience: people and their relationship to others and self, nature and it’s perfect imperfections and of course, the constant inspiration from other artists, past and present.

I’m basically self taught, some of my earliest memories are of me drawing pictures of my family or our dog. My school notebooks were filled with doodles in the margins. I would rather draw than work on math problems—hence my terrible math skills.


I worked in our family upholstering business since I was a child-after school and summers until, I went to college. I started out in pre-law but switched majors when I realized law wasn’t for me. I graduated with a BA in social sciences: History, English and sociology (all marketable skills) Whenever I could fit in an elective course I always opted for an art class. I loved dashing across campus with my drawing pad, anticipating art class to immerse myself for a few hours.

After graduating, I joined my father in the upholstering business and worked alongside him till his death in 2006 when I took over as sole proprietor.

My father was an artist himself and also my greatest supporter. After losing him I lost my art for a while, I mourned the loss of both. But gradually, a few years ago I started drawing cartoons. The pen drawings led to taking a watercolor class and experimenting with different mediums: gouache and acrylics.

I started posting my artwork on Instagram and Facebook and love getting the feedback from friends and new followers. I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey and enjoy the process as much as I do!